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With today's market trends changing faster than a selfie upload to Instagram, the importance of market intelligence has never been greater to businesses trying to avoid the competitive swamp. The problem is, whether you're an investment firm looking for a custom research report, or market research agency looking to commission research projects, the oversupply of recruitment agencies has made it difficult to find the right kind of specialist assistance in a manner that is fast, direct and of good value. 

Our goal is to help firms do exactly that: deliver the gamut of market research solutions to produce content of the highest calibre, with a uniquely personal and creative approach.  With over a decade's experience in executing complex research and analysis projects for leading market intelligence firms, James McKay works both individually and in partnership with other research specialists to bring this expertise to you, helping to grow your business and drive executive decision-making.


"The technical expertise, proved to be instrumental in enhancing the client perception..." 

In order to enhance the effectiveness of our external communication, we asked James to review our quarterly reports and provide improvements in terms of content, language and style.


James’ detailed analysis and feedback, thanks to his technical expertise, proved to be instrumental in enhancing the client perception through quarterly reports of higher quality.


Principle Partner, CDMR S.A Rare Metals

Why McKayResearch?

Our approach is garnered from extensive experience in varied, but interconnected sectors, allowing for a unique ability to connect the trend dots both within and between markets.  When working with McKayResearch, you'll not only know exactly who you’re talking to, but will receive an unrivalled, personalised service throughout the project journey. 


Creative thinking approach to projects generates ideas and adds value to clients in unforeseen ways.


A near 100% satisfaction for over 100 projects across multiple industries.


Active in market intelligence as a research analyst and consultant since 2007.


Direct, agency-free communication allows for a sharper, more personal client focus.

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