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A Systematic Overview


Outside of Bitcoin’s promise to disrupt traditional financial intermediaries through trustless peer-to-peer transactions via a distributed network, its purportedly high environmental impact could well be its most controversial facet.

This report presents a non-exhaustive, systematic overview of a cross-section of studies from the past three years that aim to contextualise and quantify the data pertaining to Bitcoin's energy consumption and environmental impact. 

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What will you discover?

  • How the Bitcoin network's energy and emissions profile compares to other key industries

  • Why Bitcoin's energy consumption is plateauing even as the network continues to expand

  • What proportion of the Bitcoin network is powered sustainably and how this sustainable energy mix is evolving.

Who should read this report?

  • Executives, companies, and organisations that provide digital transformation services or that wish to understand more about the market

  • Governments, regulatory authorities, policymakers and financial organisations looking to adopt innovative digital technologies

  • Researchers, analysts, educators, strategy managers, and investors looking for insights into the market to determine future strategies.

About the Author



Founder & Principal

James McKay is an independent research consultant with expertise in the design and end-to-end implementation of custom research projects and global trend analyses.

As principal and founder of McKayResearch, he has 15 years’ experience providing strategic research services both to the world’s leading market intelligence firms and a growing portfolio of private clients that include legal consultancies and investment firms. His research instruments and analyses have been widely published by a variety of technology and business publications, including the Financial Times. 

On a personal level, James’s experience in varied sectors makes him at home with the multi-faceted application of digital assets and he is passionate about contributing to a greater understanding of the disruptive potential of this rapidly evolving space. 

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