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Looking Beyond The Data.

We help unlock big value from big data by balancing multi-dimensional analysis with human-centred approaches.

McKayResearch is an independent market intelligence consultancy specialising in global trend analysis and custom research solutions. Informed by our multi-sector expertise spanning consumer, technology, and investment, our mission is to deliver broader data, deeper perspectives, and richer insights on which to base decision-making.

Our Approach

Our approach is garnered from extensive experience in varied, but interconnected sectors, allowing for a unique ability to connect the trend dots both within and between markets. This 'unsiloed' approach allows a unique perspective on the what, why, and how of the biggest trends driving the world of investment and technology.

We are passionate about delivering custom research programmes, data-driven research instruments, and intelligence reports that deepen the understanding of your client/customer, as well as your place in a rapidly evolving market.

With Covid-19 further accelerating the scale and speed of the shifts across global markets, never has it been more important to have a trusted partner to keep one's finger on the pulse of change.

Why McKayResearch?


Deep Expertise

Deep, cross-industry expertise at all levels of analysis allows us to uncover the small details that make up the big drivers shaping today's most impactful market trends.

Data Diversity

We source both global proprietary and non-proprietary data sets from the most authoritative sources to deliver the most comprehensive and granular insights possible.

Unsiloed perspectives

Our innovative approach to market analysis incorporates a broad spectrum of data, perspectives, and opinion from industry leaders, insiders, and executives to deliver the 'big picture' thinking you need for you decision-making.


Independent & unbiased

With a long track record as consulting partner to the world's largest privately-held market intelligence firms, our data-driven approach cuts through the hype to deliver a unique and unbiased view of your marketplace as it actually is.

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Featured Report:

“Digital Assets & Blockchain: The Top Trends to watch in 2022 and Beyond

While major cryptocurrencies have moved ever closer to gaining acceptability within traditional finance, a multitude of other emerging trends are paving the way for the wider adoption of blockchain technology. In this report, we examine seven of the biggest trends in digital assets and chart how they will continue to shape the evolution of the space in 2022 and beyond.

"The technical expertise, proved to be instrumental in enhancing the client perception..." 

In order to enhance the effectiveness of our external communication, we asked James to review our quarterly reports and provide improvements in terms of content, language and style.


James’ detailed analysis and feedback, thanks to his technical expertise, proved to be instrumental in enhancing the client perception through quarterly reports of higher quality.

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Principle Partner, CDMR S.A Rare Metals

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