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Your custom research partner for digital & alternative assets

About McKayResearch

With the volatility and rapid pace of change in the digital assets space showing no signs of slowing, decision-makers face unique challenges in maximising the opportunities present in this fledgling industry.

McKayResearch is an independent, digital asset research consultancy that serves asset and wealth managers, crypto firms, and other market participants. We provide strategic research and advisory to help our partners communicate the value of their offering in an increasingly crowded marketplace and help them discern valuable insights amidst the noise.

Informed by our multi-sector expertise spanning consumer, technology, and investment, our mission is to deliver best-in-class enterprise-grade research to enhance our partners' decision-making and maximise the impact of their product or service. 

Our Services

Stay ahead of the curve with our tailored research and advisory services

Whether you’re an asset management firm bringing a new product to market or a crypto company looking to establish yourself as a thought leader, our tailored research services help you gain a competitive edge in the high octane and transformative world of digital assets.


Custom Strategic Research

Navigate an industry in flux with our bespoke, enterprise-grade research

From blockchain applications to crypto investment products and regulatory shifts, our tailored research reports provide the compelling insights and nuanced analyses you need to make informed decisions to stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape. 


Trend Analysis & Advisory

Expert digital assets advisory to stay ahead of the curve and aid strategic decision-making

Through our strategic advisory and predictive trend analysis, we ensure you remain up to speed on the critical market developments impacting your digital assets niche, helping you to approach your product development or asset allocation strategy with confidence.

Latest Report:

Outside of Bitcoin’s promise to disrupt traditional financial intermediaries through trustless peer-to-peer transactions via a distributed network, its purportedly high environmental impact could well be its most controversial facet.

This report presents a non-exhaustive, systematic overview of a cross-section of studies from the past three years that aim to contextualise and quantify the data pertaining to Bitcoin's energy consumption and environmental impact. 

Image by Shubham Dhage

Exclusive Insights From Our Latest Research

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